Steffen’s musical career started in 2010 with buying his first records, the passion for electronic music grew on. Years later, he already played at clubs from Bavaria to Berlin and became an influential in and around Frankfurt am Main.

His djing is based on a technoid foundation with a tinge of atmospheric sounds, tougher house grooves, Romanian influences, as well as classic Frankfurt techno.

He is part of Nachteulen and Random events around Rhein-Main region and conducts every second thursday his radioshow Connect live at radiomkw.fm


Clubs and Events where Steffen already has played:
  • Burg Schnabel, Berlin – Facebook | RA:
  • Tanzhauswest, Frankfurt am Main – Facebook | Web
  • Dora Brilliant, Frankfurt am Main – Facebook | RA:
  • MTW Club, Offenbach – MTW Club | Web
  • Unterholz, Berlin-Marzahn
  • 130BPM, Kassel – Facebook
  • Karlson, Frankfurt am Main
  • U60311, Frankfurt am Main – (already closed..)
  • Vinylbar/Bar99, Frankfurt am Main – (already closed)
  • Hotel Digital, Alzenau
  • Lorbass Gelnhausen – Facebook | Web
            and many many more.


Podcasts and Radioshows:
  • at the Rane Booth – Musikmesse 2015 with the Rane MP2015
feel free and contact me if i should make a mix/podcast for you: booking@steffenhammer.com